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Sustainable enterprise solutions based on repeatable processes & great people

Deliver Sustainable enterprise solutions 
Based on repeatable processes & great people
Agile Delivery

Agile Delivery

Unlock innovation and growth

Agile Transformation

Agile consulting, coaching, engagement, mentoring and training towards Agile Maturity.

Lean Portfolio Management

Re-organize work into value streams that end in distinctly identifiable solutions ready to be delivered on a defined cadence.

Roadmap (Product, Feature, Release, etc.) Design, Prioritization & Execution

Support your Product teams to focus on delivering value by identifying Products rather than Projects. Enabling a predictable delivery mode.

SAFe® Execution
Scaling Agile

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) enables the Lean Agile Transformation to frequently deliver measurable business  outcomes.


Workforce Management

We find talent to engage on your Agile/Waterfall/Blended initiatives to deliver great solutions

SOW & Project Based Staffing

Staff Augmentation & Flexible Staffing

Permanent Hire

Solutions Engagement

Solutions Engagement

Orchestrate the customer journey  to the maximum
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About Us

What We Do (very well)

A trusted partner delivering solutions for over 25 years
Why Us

For over 25 years we have provided sustainable business solutions based on knowledge and competency for our clients. Opensoft Inc. delivers innovative human resource solutions with consultants who value fairness and integrity in their relationships with Clients, Professionals, and Industry Partners.

Our Process

Established and ever-evolving engagement approach employing the latest tools and solutions. Our aim is always to help streamline and optimize business practices by empowering our clients with collaborative solutions. Our focus is on offering your organization a competitive edge by helping you deliver, execute, and operate more effectively.

How Do We Do It

Simply by strict adherence to sound business ethics and principles.

Provide people solutions that enable all parties. We offer sustainable business and technology  solutions that are based on knowledge and competency for an ever-changing corporate environment.

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North America

- Canada: +1 416 260 2656

- USA: +1 214 447 0304

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