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Cloud Engagement

So the Big 4 consulting firm have advised you to move to the cloud. Where do you start? Who do you get to undertake this initiative? Who do you really need to get this done? Hopefully someone who has done this before!

Opensoft has decades of experience when it comes to infrastructure rationalization, from

  • in the 1990's - On-Premise Server Consolidation & Asset (H/W & S/W) Management

  • in the 2000's - Data Center Server Consolidation

  • in the 2010's – Data Center Outsourcing

  • since 2012 and onwards – Migration to Cloud Services

We have provided experts to enable these transitions to occur smoothly, managing any related risks by bringing onboard experienced individuals in key roles to  deliver identified value originally stated in the business case.

Experienced individuals can reduce the risk of moving a company’s digital assets, services, databases, people resources and applications into the cloud (or to multiple clouds). 

Once you get there what then - the story continues - let us help you both get there and support you while you build out your own capacity and capability.

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