Right Sourcing

Opensoft has more than 20 years of managing the process of Rightsourcing (NearShore, OffShore, Outsourcing, Talent Management). We understand the importance of retaining a strong management capability that has excelled as a knowledge hub and developed business specific process expertise.

Driven by competitive pressure to lower costs, Rightshoring continues its momentum as an option for companies looking to cheaper options to manufacture products and offer services. Furthermore, over the next 10 years western demographics lead us to believe that demand for services will far exceed their local capacities to deliver.

If done properly, Rightsourcing is a business strategy that enables flexibility, scalability and sustainability.

Rightsourcing’s great challenge is balancing risks both home and abroad. North American companies used to doing business in North America must come to terms with Rightsourcing risks including political issues, unanticipated tax consequences, underperforming vendors and non-compliance with local regulators. Companies new to the process often struggle to understand risks inherent in Rightsourcing. If proper due diligence is not performed prior to Rightsourcing, the decision can cause a loss of shareholder value, impair service quality, reduce customer satisfaction, dilute brand and decrease market share. Many companies often don’t have the internal capability and skills to navigate these issues.

How we can help. Rightsourcing is a strategic decision best made with a strategic advisor. Most large consulting firms provide a “cookie-cutter” template for mid-sized firms investigating Rightsourcing. Opensoft can provide a more focused and flexible approach to enable our clients Rightsourcing initiative.

Opensoft is well-positioned to deliver the necessary resources to help any new, current, or failing Rightsourcing initiative. We have consultants who have experienced many Rightsourcing situations in various parts of the world and can positively affect most stages of a Rightsourced initiative and bring control and insight into the management of this strategic opportunity.

For a no-obligation, confidential discussion of any current or future requirements, please e-mail us at info@osft.com or call us at +1-416-260-2656