Successfully Delivering Technology Solutions Through Integrity, Flexibility and Honesty.


With a demonstrated track record as consultants and leaders in the Business and Technical Consulting and Systems Integration arena, combined with our substantial experience and expertise in the delivery of highly effective functional solutions, Opensoft brings exceptional qualifications to a number of possible consulting settings.

For the Technology Delivery Director:
In order to complete that solution delivery, Opensoft is able to provide your initiative with the technical experience and knowledge required in a timely manner. Our Consultants can be engaged to address the management, architectural, development or deployment mandate such that success can be achieved.

For the Professionals Services VP:
As a trusted services partner operating under your brand label, Opensoft is able to expand your vision for a high performance, profitable professional services practice. We work as an extension of your team, helping you accelerate your services business without the headaches of managing multiple service partners or adding internal headcount. Providing expertise and the latest technology, we help you rapidly scale your delivery capacity, while helping drive your services revenue and enabling product and services sales.

Technology Coverage:
Opensoft Consultants have great depth of knowledge in numerous emerging, enabling and legacy technologies. Our clients continue to call upon our services to support legacy solutions implemented during the 1990′s as well as with emerging technologies currently being investigated and deployed such as Virtualization and Unified Communications.

For the Forward thinking COO/CFO:
The CxO level is always faced with challenges, this has never been more evident than in the current business climate where North America is attempting to deal with issues not experienced in decades, if ever. At times like these you need the focused attention and expertise that Opensoft Consultants can bring. From Enterprise GHG (Carbon) Management (climate change) to International Accounting Standards (IAS-IFRS) to Corporate Sustainability and Non-Financial Performance Measurement and Reporting Opensoft is able to meet these challenges with you.

Focused Consulting Services includes:
 Project Management
 Agile BAU