Agile BAU Risk Management

Opensoft Agile Consultants lead by example undertaking post Agile enablement/pilot/initiation activities such as:

  • Continually engage the product manager/owner(s) in grooming the backlog
  • Assist in defining what “Done” means at the Enterprise, Portfolio, Program and Team levels
  • Support the stakeholders in defining and refining the product being requested
  • Optimize product backlog, throughput, WIP, etc.
  • Taking up the role of Scrum Master, on one or more Epics/Features
  • Lead the Scrum of Scrums
  • Align and maintain the architectural backlog and runway

What makes an Opensoft Agile (BAU) Consultant so good, they have:

  • An Agnostic Agile approach
  • Years of experience as Program and/or Project Managers
  • and experience as Scrum Masters
  • Most likely a background as business analysts
  • Most importantly, they get things to Done!

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