Agile Sustainability

Opensoft provides the next step in Agile Delivery, Agile BAU. Our experience at many organizations is that where “Agile Transformation” has been actioned, the success has been limited and siloed, mainly due to “project” based thinking.

Continue the Agile Transformation towards Agile BAU. Opensoft Agile Consultants lead by example undertaking post Agile enablement/pilot/initiation activities such as:

– Continually engage the product manager/owner(s) in grooming the backlog
– Assist in defining what “Done” means at the Enterprise, Portfolio, Program and Team levels
– Support the stakeholders in defining and refining the product being requested
– Optimize product backlog and throughput
– Taking up the role of Scrum Master, on one or more Epics/Features
– Lead the Scrum of Scrums
– Align and maintain the architectural backlog and runway

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